Problem with urllib.urlopen()

Christopher chris_mk at
Wed Jun 5 13:00:48 EDT 2002

Yeah, me too! ;-)  What happens is that a browser takes the user to
the correct page but the urllib functions return a page that says an
error has occured during the search.  Thanks.

"John J. Lee" <jjl at> wrote in message news:<Pine.SOL.4.30.0206042228330.10073-100000 at>...
> On 3 Jun 2002, Christopher wrote:
> > There were some problem with posting the whole link so I'll break each
> > one up...
>  [...lengthy URLs snipped...]
> > chris_mk at (Christopher) wrote in message news:<cc14131d.0206031445.5154de31 at>...
>  [...]
> > > You should, like I said, get the XML version of the original links
> > > (with some extra information, which is why I want to interface with
> > > the XML site, btw).  Now, if you do an interface with Python instead
> > > of your browser you get a response of an error page instead.  Why is
> > > that and what can I do to change it?  If you have any information, I
> > > would appreciate it ver much.  Thanks.
> What was the error?  Sorry, too lazy to follow the urls.
> John

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