python and shared libaray

Wladimir gnufnork at
Mon Jun 10 22:51:12 EDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 04:20:44 +0200, Steven Pokrandt wrote:

> I have a vendor supplied .so file, header file and docs.  I would like
> to use this
> .so file in python but don't have the src.  Is it possible to link this
> library ie:
> import
> when I try the python complains about no init function..  can I add this
> to the .so  without having the src?

I don't think that shared object is meant to be imported in python,
concluding from your post it's just a generic one with  C header files
that define the interface. To use it in python you'd have to make a
wrapper, I'm afraid, that's not too easy a job.


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