PythonWin - an operational question

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Fri Jun 14 16:10:52 EDT 2002

"Colin J. Williams" <cjw at> wrote in
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> I am using PythonWin with WinXP.
> <p>I would like to be able to tile the Editor and Interactive windows,
> but use the editor area for all programs viewed.  Is there some
> simple way to arrange this as the default set up?
> <p>Tiling doesn't seem to have a registry setting and doesn't do quite
> what I would like.
> <p>There are registry settings which permit one to place the
> Interactive and Editor windows on the screen.  Is this the way to
> go? <p>Colin W</html>

goto options->general options and check "dockable window" in the 
"interactive window" section.
i think you must restart the editor to make it work. however this might be 
close to that what you  want.


PS: please try to post text only, no HTML. many people will apreciate it.

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