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On 25-Jun-02 22:38:16 Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>Timothy Rue wrote:
>> First off, it's ok that I got such a high level of resistance to my
>> initial posting here about this project.

>Obviously the level was not high enough.  Sorry, we'll try harder.

>> $81 Billion = 31% of software development gets cancelled before complete
>> $59 Billion = 53% of software development has cost over-runs of 189%
>> 16% success - project success and failure ratio
>> My 1997 estimate of software failures all around (total of industry and
>> consumer level development and use):  Low estimate of 300 Billion.

>Your information is out of date.  Agile software development processes
>developed since 1997 have improved the success rate of software development
>projects to the point where this is no longer an issue.  It is now possible
>to deliver software with a 96% success rate, for less cost than previous
>methods, with greater sustainability for the development teams, and at
>a much higher quality level than appeared possible in the past.

>I'm afraid there is no longer any need for an autocoder.


Geee, maybe you should tell that to NIST,4814,72245,00.html

Hmmm, I coulda sworn I put that in the post.

You wouldn't know what happened to it would you?

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