Writing a simple linux daemon type thing...

Jones jones at jones.jones
Fri Jun 14 08:44:14 EDT 2002

"Radovan Garabik" <spam at melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk> wrote in message
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> Jones <jones at jones.jones> wrote:
>  : Hi everyone,
>  : I hope this is a simple question for you guys.  I'm new to Python and
>  : I'm wondering if Python (and this group) can help me.
>  : I want a program to always be running in the background that, connects
>  : PostgreSQL every few seconds, queries a table, and for each record it
>  : shells out to the system to execute program.
>  : My research indicates that "nohup" might do the trick?  So would it be
>  : simple as writing the program in Python and then puting something like
>  : "nohup python myprog" in the Linux startup sequence (wherever that may
> yes
> (python myprog &
>  would be probably better)

Thank you for you reply.  Just one more question.  Doing what you suggest
was my first thought.  But I thought I read somewhere last night that using
"&" was not a good idea..... I have no idea why (it sounds good to me), but
I guess I just want to understand the difference between running it as a
"daemon" and just running it the background... if there is one.  Or maybe
someone has a URL with a good discussion on this someone could point me to.


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