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>Hi "Nop",
>* NOPollution <r_proietti at> [2002-06-20 11:38 +0000]:
>> I have two trouble:
>> 1)  looking at the module "" I have seen that are described
>> some functions like "lower", "rjust", etc. Ther problem is that it
>> seems not to describe exactly how this functions are made, but there
>> is only a comment about their properties. So in which file are these
>> functions described?
>The behaviour of these functions is described in the documentation, for
>example in
>Return a copy of s, but with upper case letters converted to lower case. 
>In this particular case, the docstring of the function has just as much
>>>> string.lower.__doc__
>'lower(s) -> string\n\n    Return a copy of the string s converted to
>lowercase.\n\n    '
>If you're looking at additional info for _how_ exactactly these
>functions are implemented, then the source code is the only info there

Where could I find the source code of the functions implemented in

> Btw. in current Python versions the string module just delegetages
>to the string methods, which are the preferred option. So you could just
>as well use.
>> 2) I tried to cancel the file "". After that, the Python
>> Interpreter doesn't work anymore (it can't even start working). Why?
>You're not supposed to delete modules from the standard library.  If you
>don't want your Python to fail in obscure ways, you'd better get that
>file back into place. Btw.  my Python 2.1.3 and 2.2.1 starts up fine
>even without the string module.
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