wxPlotCanvas documentation?

David Brady daves_spam_dodging_account at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 14:22:31 EDT 2002

I have searched the wxPython and wxWindows
documentation, peered through the wxdemo files, and
searched the web in the hopes of finding the answers
to my questions, but to no avail.

I would like to write a simple graphing calculator
program with wxPython.

1. How do I create a wxPlotCanvas in a wxFrame window?

I can see in wxPython/demo/wxPlotCanvas.py  how to
create a PlotCanvas object if I wanted, say, to run my
graphing calculator inside the wxDemo framework, but I
don't.  How do I instantiate this guy and stick him in
a wxFrame class of my own deriving?

2. How do I manipulate wxPlotCanvas?

>From the demo code I see there are PolyMarker and
PolyLine objects, as well as a PlotGraphics function. 
However, since I can find exactly zero documentation
on PlotCanvas, this is all I know about this object.

3. How do I find anything in the documentation?

My inability to find my wxButt in the wxDark with both
wxHands (with or without a wxFlashlight) is not
limited to PlotCanvas, so I'm hoping that the problem
is on my end.  The wxPython website, as far as I can
tell, only has one documentation link, and it's a link
to wxWindows, not the wxPython objects that wrapper
it.  There's a sample code section, but every last one
of the examples is marked "To Be Written When I Have
More Time."

The wxPython homepage proudly shows a long list of
people who claim that wxPython is a Java and/or
TkInter killer.  All I want to know is, how the hell
did these people figure out how to use it?

I'm not complaining about wxPython, mind you.  What
I've gotten to work makes me believe that it really is
wonderful.  But I'm at wit's end here trying to find
out how to do anything that isn't already in a
tutorial.  Like get the client rect of a wxFrame
object.  Like find out what events EVT_PAINT might
throw.  Like use a wxBitmap to double-buffer a wxDC. 
Like do anything beyond the first four tutorial pages.




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