windows install put short path names to win register

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sun Jun 2 19:12:46 EDT 2002

Toni Gaya wrote:
> Windows python 2.2.1 installation program puts short file names to
> some path values in windows register.
> This makes that programs that read python path or some other
> information as python path from windows register crash
> -i'm using NTFS (maybe with FAT32, due that FAT system works with
> short file names and long file names, works, but as NTFS only works
> with long file names, some other installation programs just crash)-.
> Examples: try to install mysqldb (mysql connection) or py2exe on
> windows with a NTFS disk, and these programs crash.

NTFS supports both long and short file names.  The short file name can 
be opened in exactly the same way as the long file name - ie, the 2 
names are exactly equivilent.

I can't see a good reason for the Python installer to convert to short 
names (my guess is code generated by the Wise "Wizard"), but I can also 
see no reason it would not work, and I can assure you that the simple 
fact that Python writes short names is not enough to prevent mysql from 
working :)


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