python version?

George Hester hesterloli at
Tue Jun 18 20:46:16 EDT 2002

Your apology (?) is well taken and I apologize myself.  Later I tried to think
of code in ASP using VBScript to determine the version of ASP running and I
realized that does not come right off the top of my head.  So there is no reason
why it should be any easier in Python.  My apologies again Please!  I will look
at what you wrote again without jumping down your throat.

George Hester
"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
news:3D0FD592.93BFBCDB at
> George Hester wrote:
> >
> > Listen you aren't my daddy.  If you do not want to help constructively then
> > please get off my boat.
> I thought I was being constructive in two distinct ways, although
> perhaps I was more blunt than you were able to handle.  If so,
> my apologies for appearing to patronize you.  That was not my
> intention.
> I did point out two helpful things (I thought).  One was to
> show you by explicit example how you can't access sys.version
> until you've imported the sys module.  You didn't seem to
> understand that was required from your response in another post,
> and I believe you might have missed the point again in
> reading my response.  If you read the post again, you'll see
> that I got the same error you did until I did "import sys"
> and then the problem went away.  As that would have solved
> your initial problem, I felt it would be fairly helpful.
> Secondly, and I believe I'm still correct here, I pointed out
> that you might have a lot of trouble trying to juggle two
> things at the same time: learning Python, and using it in
> an unforgiving environment as an ASP scripting language.
> I have been in your position many times in the past, and
> every time I have been burned by ignoring my own instincts.
> Never attempt to take on two difficult tasks at once when
> you can partition the problem and approach one task at a
> time.  Learn Python first (without ASP involved), _then_
> try to use it for ASP.
> You may choose to ignore my advice.  It was, after all,
> given freely and, as always, is worth what it costs you...
> Cheers,
> -Peter

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