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> Bengt Richter wrote:
> >
> > Is the "comments" number a count of _pure_ comment lines,
> > # (like this one) ?
> I believe so.  I haven't examined the pycount code yet.
> > I think it would be interesting to analyze comments further,
> > to see what the relative comment byte count is overall,
> > and for lines with both code and comments,
> > """like this line:""" # (this has code and comment).
> I consider it a mild stylistic no-no to use line-ending
> comments, personally.  I believe it's almost always better
> to put a block-comment of one or more lines above a block
> of code with related purpose.  A good comment there tends to
> be more maintainable, and useful, than lots of little comments
> on each line.
I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but I used (when programming (gulp) Basic
Plus) to make the line-end comments into a free-form narrative that rough;y
parallelled the code.

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