why not "'in' in 'in'"?

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Thu Jun 13 19:07:50 CEST 2002

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Grant Griffin  <not.this at seebelow.org> wrote:
>In article <mailman.1023978378.11084.python-list at python.org>, "Mark says...
>>def is_in(search, search_for):
>>  """Return bool indicating whether search_for is in search."""
>>  return search.find(search_for) >= 0
>That's not a bad suggestion, Mark, but if I did that I guess I would
>be forever wondering if I was testing whether the first one was in the
>second or the second one was in the first.  Again, it doesn't read
>nearly as well as:
>   if x in subject:
>       ...
>which leaves no doubt.

class myStr(str):
    def contains(self, other):
        if self.find(other) >= 0:
            return True
            return False
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