Python hits the spot

brueckd at brueckd at
Sat Jun 22 11:38:24 EDT 2002

On Sat, 22 Jun 2002, Siegfried Gonzi wrote:

> My conclusion: I will rewrite my simulation in Fortran 90 and will
> abadon Python. Python is maybe good for some small scripts but not
> appropiate for serious programming.

Whatever works best for you, go for it. Be advised though that your
conclusion in the general sense is obviously bogus as for every one of you
there's a hundred or a thousand others who use Python quite successfully,
even for "serious programming" (see, for example, the recent thread on
large production systems in Python).

"It's the poor craftsman who blames his tools..." But who knows, maybe
Python is not the right tool for the problem you're solving... but to
infer from that that it's not usable for "serious programming" tasks is
either really poor reasoning or a big, steaming heap o' FUD.

Have fun,

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