How to stop a SocketServer?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jun 24 20:55:14 EDT 2002

Daniel Fackrell wrote:
> "Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote:
> Any chance I could see a very simple example of this in action?  That would
> help my little project out quite a bit.

This is just pulled out of a little server somebody around here wrote
the other week.  Out of context it might not help, but maybe the idea
would give you a start.  By the way, look into ""
which is a plug-in replacement for the standard and which
might do the trick for you.

    def run(self):
        import threading


                # handle requests, waking up often to check if we should terminate
                while not self.sockserver.terminated:
                    readySocket = select([self.sockserver.socket], [],
                        [self.sockserver.socket], SELECT_TIMEOUT)

                    if readySocket[0] or readySocket[2] :
                        if threading.activeCount() < self.threadLimit:


            if self.exceptionHandler:


> Would this be something that would allow me to guarantee that the all
> threads of the server terminated within, say, five seconds of the server
> shutdown request?

I believe it would allow you to guarantee that.

I also think Skip's suggestion in another thread is even better if you're
just trying to terminate the whole application.


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