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Sun Jun 23 18:55:56 EDT 2002

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> "Ugo García" wrote:
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> > perfect. This is what I was looking for. Now I'd make a C module to
> > the messages written to stdout & stderr in order to show them in the
> > Thanks a lot
> Why would you bother with C for a game that relies on simple print
> statements for its interface?
The game not only consist of printing message (that's not a game... :-) ).
What I'm making is a engine to make Graphical Adventures.

 Can't you implement the game entirely in Python?
Probably it would be implemented entirely in Python. Why not? SPEED. I'm
familiarized with C and prefer to make the core of the engine in C, which is
faster and more reliable for this kind of things, and leave Python be ONLY
the script language of the engine.


> -Peter

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