Medium to Large Scale Python Deployments

Stuart Quimby stuq at
Fri Jun 7 02:39:15 CEST 2002

You may be interested in the gnuenterprise project.  They are
developing a multi-tier db independant ERP that is open-source. 
Details can be found at

Stuart Quimby

"Domenic R. Merenda" <dom at edgereport.put_a_c_o_m_here> wrote in message news:<KHkL8.21383$eD2.2399923271 at>...
> Greetings,
>    I am running a home-grown Enterprise Resource Planning system, written
> entirely in Python, to manage the operations and manufacturing aspects of a
> medium ($100,000,000 annual sales) manufacturing organization.  I would be
> interested in hearing from other individuals who are likewise "betting the
> farm" on Python as an ERP or MRP solution, and some of the experiences they
> may have had.
>    We have found Python to be a robust solution for the problems we've
> encountered to date, and pass approximately half a gigabyte of daily data
> through our custom systems.  We have merged the AS/400 (Python 2.1, soon to
> go to 2.2.1) with midrange (PIII700) PC's to create an interesting
> heterogenous environment.
> Cheers!

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