Pythoniac: Thoughts on a hardware Python processor

Gustavo Cordova gcordova at
Thu Jun 27 15:18:25 EDT 2002

> Christopher Saunter <Christopher.Saunter at> wrote:
> > Dear All,
> > 
> > I have seen the occasional post about creating a specific 
> > hardware 'Python Processor', that could then be built and
> > used in programmable logic or the like (Valves, relays,
> > core memory - Pythoniac ;-) - in other words, create
> > a processor that executes Python bytecode directly.  There would be
> > various different reasons for doing this (the 'neat' factor etc...)
> The only route that has any chance of success is 
>     Python -> Forth -> stack engine
> which leverage works that has already gone into Forth area.  
> But, my days of hand assembling 68000 or programming HP calculators
> are long gone... :-)

Ahh! Thanks for posting this; I was thinking of the same thing,
about Chuck Moore's forth chips and all that, but I didn't want
to post anything because I've already posted some Forth comments
and received no replies.



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