activating a webpage's click command from python

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jun 10 15:26:40 EDT 2002

Andy McKay wrote:
> > does the job for Nortel on the TSE (disclaimer: anyone even
> > thinking of buying Nortel should probably just keep thinking :-).
> Oh come on its a bargain, a fraction of what it was, good buying
> opportunity ;)

And the same theory held true when it had dropped from C$140 to
$73, then to $22.15, then $9.85, then $5.65, then $4.40, then
$2.85, and ... where is it now?

Sure looks like the rate of dropping is slowing down, too, until
you start to look at it as a logarithmic curve!  :-)


Disclaimer of total stupidity: I bought at only several of those
prices. :-)

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