Listing all available (not just loaded) modules

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> > Idle, PythonWin and Boa (at least) do this, with PythonWin
> being the most
> > detailed - it shows classes and methods within the modules. The
> version of
> > Pythonwin I have does not show the contents of the
> site-packages tree, but
> > that would be easily fixable.
> They "do this" and how? Don't tell me you mean the dir() command ...
> Cheers,
> Mik.e

In Idle, look on the File menu for "Path Browser". It brings up a tree
window containing Python's idea of what it has installed.

In Pythonwin, it's on the Tools menu: "Browse Pythonpath". Does the same as
the above and also includes the pythonwin directories/modules. It also
drills down to the class/method/function level of everything it can.

In Boa, it's a tab called "Explorer" in their Editor window that has a tree
that offers varios chunks of information, including sys.path. Nice

How exactly do they do it? That's left as an exercise for the reader :). All
three of these apps have source available and all three of them accomplish
their tasks somewhat differently i'm sure. Good Hunting! (I'd start with
Idle :) .)


Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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