Newbie question (anyone programming with curses?)

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Mon Jun 24 04:52:21 CEST 2002

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From: "Emile van Sebille" <emile at>

> hellboy
> > I'm quite new to Python, but I'm positive that version 2.2 (for
> Windows)
> > comes without curses module, though documentation states it is
> included.
> > import curses gives me "Import Error: no module named curses" message.
> > Anyone knows where to download curses module (for Windows)?
> >
> from
> No one has made a Windows port of the curses module. On a Windows
> platform, try the Console module written by Fredrik Lundh. The Console
> module provides cursor-addressable text output, plus full support for
> mouse and keyboard input, and is available from
> Hope this is current and helps,

I found the effbot's version a bit unstable on Windows 9x (a lot actually)
and I wound up writing WConio, based on the TCCONIO.C sources for MinGW32.

but it's still not curses.  I have considered many times creating a GConio
(Generic Console I/O) module wrapping both WConio on Win32 and curses on 
Unixoid OS's.  Haven't done much other than think about it though.

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