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Mon Jun 24 06:26:18 EDT 2002

chris lyon wrote:

> I'm porting an app from Cold Fusion to Python, for various reasons.
> And am looking at the possibility of using HTMLgen
> I am trying to place the Submit button of a form into a table element
> using Tablelite
> since the Submit button is generated by the Form Class is there any way to
> put it into the table header tag,
> of a table that has rows of table data and inputs.
> I can't seem to find a way to place the submit button into a table header
> cell where the client likes it.
[snip HTML code]

I used HTMLgen a few time ago and I almost didn't ever use the "auto-submit 
button" feature of the Form class. This is annoying, and as you pointed it 
out, you can't control where the button will be placed (not to mention some 
forms do not even have a submit button, since form submitting can be made 
via Javascript...).

So my advice would be: do not follow the rules in the manual ("Do not 
manually append your submit button. HTMLgen will append it for you.") and 

myForm = Form(..., submit='')

then create your own submit button via the Input class with the type 
"submit". This is much easier this way...

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