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Tue Jun 25 09:46:06 EDT 2002

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>Joseph A Knapka  <jknapka at> wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>I am interested in having Python support in
>>Eclipse <URL:> - interested
>>enough to contribute code, or to tackle the
>>task myself, if need be. Of course, I'd like
>>the Python support to be at least as good as the
>>Java support, which is a pretty tall order,
>>'cause the Java support in Eclipse is awfully
>>damn good --- it nearly allows me to *enjoy*
>>writing Java code :-)
>>Anyway, I know some other folks have expressed
>>interest in this as well, and I'd like to hook
>>up with them. If you're working on Python+Eclipse
>>and you've got code in any state of completion,
>>I'm willing to alpha- or beta-test, fix stuff,
>>add new stuff, etc.
>			.
>			.
>			.
>Can you say a few more words about Eclipse?  It ... well, I'm
>wary.  I understand its marketing more than its technology,
>and on hostile days, I think it's *only* marketing.  Maybe you
>can make it more appealing.  "[It] nearly allows me to *enjoy*
>writing Java ..." is certainly a good start.

Yes and thats why i'm not sure about the future of Eclipse. At 
the moment its nothing else then IBM's way to force (enterprise)
developers using there Websphere Application Server - and 
in a second step sell there consultants. If they  not succeed with
this they will drop support as fast as you can  shake your head. 

I worked to much with IBM and there breakthrough technologies 
like  DSOM, OpenDoc or OS/2 to see that IBM can decide from
one day to another that a technologie is dead. 

And you can't maintain a system like Eclipse with volunteers only.
All larger OS projects showed this.

And by the way i can't see a real difference between Eclipse, JBuilder
IntelliJ, CodeGuide or Netbeans for a person who is not developing
Enterprise Java Beans. They only prove one thing about globalization:
It makes the few products that survive look like twins or better

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