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> Hi all. I have an applicattion who uses Python to control some
> processes. I've made a little script library to work with threads and
> each proccess is a Python thread. The main application make calls to
> Python in order to create these proccesses. The problem is that the
> proccess doesn't run unless I call Python to do something. Now in the
> main loop I have a line like this: 
>     PyRun_SimpleString("dummy=1");
> This make Python the threads to run. The problem is that this is a
> little slow 'cause if I call Python from tha main application too many
> times the proccesses run well but not the main application, and if a
> make a big pause between calls the proccesses doesn't work at a good
> speed. Is posible to have some threads running in an embedded Python
> without making callings to it continuosly? It would be a better idea
> to have another thread who's only task is to call Python (a line that
> the one written before) in order to have the Python proccesses
> running? 

why not run python in a separate thread (created by your app) and doing the 
loop in python, like PyRun_SimpleString("while 1: mainloop()") or so?
you do have a main loop in python, don't you? otherwise you wouldn't need 
python threads, right? :-) 

you could possibly also release the GIL, but don't forget to grab it again 
when accessing the python interpreter. i'm not sure about this one, so i 
would try the above.


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