Python 2.2.1

Dave talbotdr at
Thu Jun 13 16:58:58 EDT 2002

    Hi, I am 12 years old and would like to begin learning Python over the summer. I have Windows 98 SE. I have python 2.2.1 and all of its utilities on my computer. I am taking a tutorial from,,12382_626311,00.html  If you go to it and scroll down to the paragraph entitled Getting Started there is a paragraph that says, "You will need to cause the directory containing the file named python.exe to be listed in your system environment variable named path. If you already know how to set the path, go ahead and do it.  If you don't already know how, you may need to get some help." 

    How do I set the path and what should the name of the path be? All help and information would be appreciated. Thanks.:)
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