getgrouplist() ?

Douglas Zongker dougz at
Fri Jun 14 22:09:27 EDT 2002

Graham Guttocks <graham_guttocks at> wrote:
: I need a way to get a back a list of supplemental group ids for a
: specified uid.  Something like getgrouplist() in my C standard lib.  I
: don't see a convenient method for this, have I missed it?

Use the "grp" and "pwd" modules.  I didn't see a convenient way to do
exactly what you want; I had to iterate over the list of all groups to
find the ones with a specific user:

   >>> import grp
   >>> def groups(uname):
   ...    return [i[0] for i in grp.getgrall() if uname in i[-1]]
   >>> groups('root')
   ['root', 'bin', 'daemon', 'sys', 'adm', 'disk', 'wheel']

The 'pwd' module can be used to translate between username and numeric

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