Shrinking Python

Mats Wichmann mats at
Fri Jun 14 10:36:02 EDT 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 16:15:39 -0400, "Mahrt, Dallas"
<dallasm at> wrote:

:I am looking into using Python in a small device with limited space for
:binaries. Due to this, I am both investigating creating a shared library
:with the interpreter and shrinking the footprint of this library. I have
:found many threads talking bout shared libraries, so I am not too concerned
:about that aspect. 
:I am concerned about shrinking the library's binary footprint. I did find
:several links to a "Deeply Embedded Python" based on 1.5.1 which has since
:vanished. I have stripped the library to improve size some (to ~1.13 MB) but
:would like to reduce it further. Has anyone tackled this or even attempted?
:Are there any links to resources that may help me that I haven't found? 

Have you checked what Riverbank Computing has done to trim Python down
for the Sharp Zaurus?

Mats Wichmann

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