Comparison: HTTP with Java, Perl or Python

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Sat Jun 8 15:18:21 EDT 2002

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Ingo Linkweiler  <i.linkweiler at> wrote:
>The Python version is quite short, even after adding exception handling. 
>TCL seems to be same.
>The Perl version seems to be the shortest, but can you read it without 
>knowing Perl?
>Can you estimate the time you needed for writing it?
>Did you have any difficulties?
>My Python version needed 2 Minutes, with Java I needed 20, because I did 
>not unterstand the f******* manual.
There's something I should mention:  the standard
distribution of Tcl includes the http package.
The standard distribution of Perl does not include
the LWP module.

Please don't generalize or conclude much from this.
Different languages manage "run-time libraries" in
different ways.  My point is that, for serious
comparisons of languages, it's important to recog-
nize they differ in *many* dimensions, not just the
"source code footprint" this thread raises.

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