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> The whole issue started from here.  I did not deserve to be told to "crawl
> before I walk."  I may have responded to that inappropriately I confess.
> that does not excuse the implied derogatory.

Have you ever used USENET before?  You MUST be kidding!  comp.lang.python is
nicest group of people anywhere on USENET... we regularly help users such as
yourself.  You received EXCELLENT assistance with no derogatory comments, at
least until you lost your senses and started whining.

On most programming newsgroups you would have been told RTFM; if you were
a web page reference or manual page would be mentioned, but in many cases
be blown off.  You got a correct, but incomplete, answer, because we
assumed you were a programmer and just needed a pointer.  Note that when you
whined that you needed a complete answer you got one; you could have gotten
same thing without whining.

You ARE a nerd, right?  Nerds (programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.)
tend to
be among the most blunt and direct of all people.  Expect if you ask a
question, you'll get an answer which directs you to the place where you
would have
found the answer if only you had looked.  If you can't take the heat, get
out of
the kitchen.

> Since that the lambasting crecscendoed.

Since you started to call us unfair, actually.  Get a thicker skin or a more
humble attitude before you ask questions in the future.

Read the manual, already.  Learn to use Python from the interactive
it's the best place to learn the basics.  Read that page over on ESR's site
asking questions on USENET, because you really need to understand it:

That page contains the RULES.  Learn them.  Expect to be treated just like

And, stop whining.  The correct way for you to respond to this posting, and
the others, is to NOT RESPOND.  The second-best thing would be a SINGLE
Don't keep telling us how we misunderstand, or how we are unfair; that just
you as a troll, and frankly that IS derogatory.  Don't live up to it (or
down to
it, whichever) and you'll never hear it.

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