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Roman Suzi rnd at
Sat Jun 22 14:53:51 EDT 2002

On Sat, 22 Jun 2002, Siegfried Gonzi wrote:

>1. After starting the process from within idle the complete system
>freezes after the first wavelength (after about 20 minutes). I couldn't
>kill a process or open a different session (via F2) in order to kill
>python. The last resort: turn off the power supply.

>I cannot believe that Linux is responsible for Python's ill behavior
>under Linux. Before you start ranting about note the following: In a
>first step it has nothing to do with my programming style (admittedly
>not very good and famous) it has to do that the same calculation cannot
>be performed on Linux and Python 2.2!

Perhaps you are too nervous, Siegfried. If I understood correctly, you tried
to wrap some fortran code to use from within Python while using IDLE.
I just can't comprehend, why do you need IDLE...

I never experienced 'freezes' you are describing, but I guess they will happen
under Windows if you are using C code. (Under Linux you will get core dumps).

It's no wonder that 1000 lines of uncommented code behave like that, taking
into account that you were trying to integrate several (Tcl/Tk, Fortran, C,
Python) systems in a hurry, and, I presume, not knowing most of them.

I do not remember when I used power switch to restart my Linux box,
and you are telling it was last resort.

So, the best solution is... to flame here. It peacifies soul, probably.

In the situation you describe, I usually take a break for a day
to calm done and after that problems are solved in a matter of
an hour.

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
rnd at =\= My AI powered by Linux RedHat 7.2

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