python version?

George Hester hesterloli at
Tue Jun 18 23:45:03 EDT 2002

The whole issue started from here.  I did not deserve to be told to "crawl
before I walk."  I may have responded to that inappropriately I confess.  But
that does not excuse the implied derogatory.  Since that the lambasting

George Hester
"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
news:3D0E8AC8.6C5C96EE at
> George Hester wrote:
> >
> > "Gerhard Häring" <gerhard at> wrote:
> > > You did not import the sys module.
> > Probably not.  Where do I import that from and how do it?  I am trying to
put a
> > script in ASP using Python as the script language to give me the version of
> > Python that I am running when I call the ASP.  The more the script works out
> > the box the better I'll be able to catch on to this language.  Thanks.
> It sounds to me like you should probably crawl before you walk.
> I suggest downloading the tutorial and installing Python on
> your own machine and using it interactively from the prompt
> before you advance to something like ASP scripting.  Your
> responses clearly show you aren't ready to write code in an
> environment which is doubtless going to mask from you many
> of the errors and messages which you will encounter as you learn.
> In the above case you would be able to experiment and learn about
> these things:
> C:\>python
> Python 2.2.1 (#34, Apr  9 2002, 19:34:33) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
> >>> sys.version
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
> NameError: name 'sys' is not defined
> Here's where you would pause to learn a little more about Python....
> >>> import sys
> >>> sys.version
> '2.2.1 (#34, Apr  9 2002, 19:34:33) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)]'
> -Peter

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