Advice sought on ps module

Hans-Joachim Widmaier hjwidmaier at
Mon Jun 24 10:43:58 CEST 2002

eddie at (Eddie Corns) wrote in message news:<aev2dk$pn2$1 at>...

> OK, that looks like a fairly complex job.  The only other suggestion I can
> make is to wonder whether you're getting too hung up on precision.  Does the
> BBox really need to be pixel perfect?

No, it doesn't have to. I'm not hung up on precision (at least I
wouldn't admit it ;-)).

>  I know myself how easy it is, when you
> know a perfect solution _should_ be possible, to get fixated on it instead of
> just saying, well take the longest string and assume len * em width and see
> whether it looks OK (eg would another person notice?).

And where do I get em in the first place?

> OK, I'm sure you
> wouldn't have gone to the effort of messing about with font metrics for
> nothing but don't forget 'good enough' solutions are just that!

My current module, crude as it is, was "good enough" until now. Alas,
this is no longer so. As I said in my first posting, I'm not going to
do the be all, end all ps module. I'm seeking a more or less elegant
solution for my current problems. (I do not care about CID fonts and
halftones and what else arcane features there are). But I'd like to
start in the right direction, so that if I want to add a few features
next year, I won't have to do it again.
> Misery to me is NOT having a challenging programming project :)

Naah, misery is having no clue what to do. :)

> Sorry I can't be of any help after all but good luck anyway.

Thanks. I might need it.


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