prototyping good OOdesign in Python?

Phlip phlip_cpp at
Mon Jun 3 00:27:46 EDT 2002

>>0. Write a project schedule for management; something like this:
>>   1. Prototype in python
>>   2. Convert to C++
>>1. Prototype in python
>>2. Give a nice demo, and convince management to skip step 2
>>3. Re-implement a few cpu intensive classes in C++

This means that after prototyping in Python one /incrementally/ refactors 
elements into C++ (hopefully via the Boost Python Library). Of course the 
speed elements go into C++, as do the elements that bind with legacy C++ 

It's what the Python community already does. We don't crack JPEG files in 
Python; we just call into a C layer like imlib, via a binding layer.

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