Standalone embedded Win32 Python

John Dunn jhndnn at
Fri Jun 14 12:00:56 EDT 2002

I have embedded Python in my C++ Win32 app. What is the recommended
way of installation/distribuion? It seems the best would be to
statically link to Python - this would also allow me to customized the
Python environment that runs with my app. Unfortunately, Python
doesn't appear to support static linking on Win32.

I really don't want to run the whole Python installed when I install
my app. If I can't statically link, is it acceptable to just ship my
own local copy of the DLL? I assume I will have to edit some code so
it doesn't look to the registry to find the path to Python.

Is there any documentation on doing this? This seems to be important
to any app that has Python embedded - you can't very well tell your
customers to download the latest Python install just to run your

Thanks for any help-

John Dunn
John Dunn
Peak Audio, a division of Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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