constructive critisism on pythonwin IDE

Don Garrett garrett at
Thu Jun 6 16:48:35 EDT 2002

   Thomas Heller wrote a wonderful script named 'autoreload' that helps with 
this problem quite a bit. I don't think this is an official distribution 
location (and thus not current?), but I found a link to it here:

F. GEIGER wrote:

> This a Python issue, not a PythonWin IDE issue.
> Cheers
> Franz
> "sameer" <sameer_ at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:6bd9f01b.0206050736.f469082 at
>>First of all, let me start of by saying that Pythonwin is a great IDE.
>> Now for the constructive critisism.  The thing I hate about PythonWin
>>is, that despite the fact that it's a development environment, there
>>is a lot of caching done of modules, and the cached copy is not
>>checked against a potentialy modified copy.  Whenever I change the
>>contents of a file and try to run a module that depends on that file,
>>I always end up with the old copy.  I have to then import and then
>>reload the changed module in the interactive window for it to refresh.
>> It would greatly increase my productivity, if I can specify which
>>modules can be cached.  I understand that there is a speed and
>>development time issue, but I would like a little more fine grained
>>control on how caching works on PythonWin, as the way it's currently
>>implemented now is not acceptable.

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