tray icon using tkinter

Ryan ryanmorillo at
Tue Jun 18 06:44:59 EDT 2002

john at (John Popplewell) wrote in message news:
> Anoop P B <anoop79 at> wrote in message news:
> > 	is there a way that i can provide a tray icon ie. next to the clock (on 
> > win32) for my program (using tkinter) ? i know that there is a way of 
> > doing this in wxpython but i need to know whether its possible in tkinter.
> > 
> > thanks,
> > anoop
> Have you had a look at "Tray It!" ?
> cheers,
> John.

also look at the win32 extensions, I remember going through all the
demo code that there is a way to do it (MFC I think but don't know for
sure).  It is simple to do a try except block around the import and
logic to use it since it will only be for windows.  It is used for the
windows IDE also.
  Also check out TKinter3000 at, they may
have something (or you can ship the one from win32 extensions with
your app)

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