Python and Eclipse

Paolo Invernizzi paoloinvernizzi at
Tue Jun 25 13:24:31 EDT 2002

> Eclipse is open source, so no matter what
> IBM decides, interested parties could pick
> it up and run if necessary. 

I've read the licence, I've understood that I can release product based 
on Eclipse, either commercially, either compiled, preserving the 
copyright note and a link to original eclipse source... but I'm a 
terrible reader of license-style  document! Someone can confirm this?

> I have not tried JBuilder. 

I worked with jbuilder 5 for about 6 mnts, and I feel Eclipse is far 
superior. I love the refactoring tools, but I still whisper for a form 
builder plugin...(and Borland is a master in this field!)

Concerning elipse and python, I think there are 2 roads.
The first one is using jpe ( the 
python-java framework. I've tried it some time ago... and I managed to 
  execute python code from a java VM (a jython prompt in reality! ;) but 
I stopped there. Perhaps Frederic Giacometti and jython folks can give 
some help!

The second one is to use socket (is possible?) to connect to a python 
server application... (with the plus that switching various python 
versions is very easy)... and move some logic in python (fast 
development times ;)

The problem, as usual It's that I have no time ;(

Paolo Invernizzi

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