Distutils RPM Requires tag

HH at attbi.com HH at attbi.com
Thu Jun 27 17:48:58 EDT 2002

Is there any way to get distutils to insert a proper Requires: tag in
a bdist_rpm generated RPM for packages which Require more than one
package?  For example, I'd like a Requires tag that looks like:
Requries: foo >= .96, bar >= 1.0.2

but when I try
python setup.py bdist_rpm --requires 'foo >= .96, bar >= 1.0.2'

the generated Requires tag turns the comma into a space, and RPM
subsequently makes a package which Requires only foo.  There does not
seem to be any way around this.  Is this a bug, or is there a solution
I have overlooked?

Thanks for your help.

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