SolarWolf 1.1 Released

Pete Shinners shredwheat at
Sun Jun 2 18:44:20 CEST 2002

SolarWolf is a frantic arcade game written in Python, using the Pygame library.

Version 1.1 adds easier gameplay and packs many new features to make the 
game funner. New is stereo sound, support for 8bit display, in-game 
"comments", and better levels. We've also moved to a website that will be 
online more than 2 days per month.

SolarWolf is the recreation of the classic game, SolarFox (as played on my 
Atari 2600). You pilot a ship through 48 levels. You must collect the boxes 
on screen to advance, and each level provides more challenging layouts. To 
keep things difficult, enemies patrol the edges of the screens. They seem 
to really enjoy shooting, and in the later levels they become more determined.

SolarWolf requires Pygame-1.5 and Python-2.0. Pygame requires the use of 
SDL, and the SDL support libraries SDL_ttf, SDL_image, and SDL_mixer. It 
runs on just about every platform available. (with osx support coming as 
soon as the latest pygame is compiled for osx)

SolarWolf Website:

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