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Fri Jun 28 15:51:29 CEST 2002

"Guyon Morée" <gumuz at> wrote ...
> >   x = [a, b, c]
> >
> > and you want to remove b from the list?
> >
> > Just say "del x[1]".
> yep this is actually what i mean, but the problem is is that this action
> should come from the object within the list. this is object 'knows' when
> it's done, the list doesn't
> see my problem?

Indeed. If your objects don't "know" which list they are being held on, or
what element they are in that list then you have a problem: objects in
Python can't tell which variables or other items are bound (refer) to them

It's even trickier with a list, because you can't just keep the index as an
object attribute: ince you delete one list element, all indexes above it
would need to be reduced by one.

Perhaps, rather than assuming a particular type of answer is required to
your problem, you could just step back a little and describe in application
terms what it is you need to do. contains enough inventive and gifted
programmers you are almost certain to get a workable solution to the real

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