Python hits the spot

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at
Sat Jun 22 10:43:58 EDT 2002

Erlend J. Leiknes wrote:
> Siegfried Gonzi wrote:

> What do you mean with
> "free_software_garbage_2_weeks_installation_nightmare",
> Ive never had any problem installing python/idle...

Consult the deja news archive and see the many hundred of posts with 
Tkinter/Tcl/idle problems. And then look for the accompanying Readmes 
with the Python distribution...

>> SWIG helped me to make my external Python C function (with gcc); and
>> F2PY helped me to create my external Python Fortran 90 function (with
>> the Intel Fortran 95 compiler).
> Perhaps it wasnt python's fault?
> Perhaps it was swig or f2py?

No. I have tested the two external functions before and they work.

On Windows after the first wavelength the system goes down remarkably 
but it keeps over water; on Linux Python goes down.

S. Gonzi

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