Python Virtual File System: A spike test

Paul Moore gustav at
Wed Jun 12 11:47:21 CEST 2002

"Mike C. Fletcher" <mcfletch at> writes:

> Purpose:
> A class for representing file system paths which supports both 
> method-based operations, and abstraction through object encapsulation to
> eventually allow for Virtual File System operations (for instance, 
> transparently accessing the contents of zip files).


> 	open( ) method for path specifiers


> If you're interested in working on such a project (or even using it), 
> let me know, so I can decide whether to devote any more resources to it.

I'm interested, in the sense that I would have a use for a way of
doing open() on an arbitrary "path-like" thingy, and getting back a
relatively full-featured file-like object, as efficiently as
possible. (ie, preferably without grabbing the whole contents of the
file into memory and using cStringIO :-))

Most of the rest of the path-manipulation functions are of little
interest to me, personally.

I would be willing to help in coding the parts I have a use for, but I
have limited time.


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