Creating Dynamic Web Pages (ZOPE)

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Sat Jun 8 11:53:31 CEST 2002

I notice no-one has suggested good ol' CGI. For a relatively simple job
such as this, a few basic Python CGI scripts, some templates and MySQLdb
could also be used ... oh, just noticed the MS-SQL database. There is
probably a module around to cope with MS-SQL, no?


On 7 Jun 2002, Bill Tate wrote:

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> > My scenario is typical where I need to put together a company Intranet
> > with a few front end Web-Pages where users can select information,
> > various links, and enter search criteria.  The information is then
> > retrieved from the MS-SQL Server and the results are sent back to the
> > user.  It's nothing fancy, no shopping carts, or remembering sessions
> > states, etc.. just really a simple front-end interface for
> > non-technical people to easily retrieve information.
> >  
> > I don't know if ZOPE would fit my situation or not.  I know that it is
> > / can be used to create complex E-commerce sites, but I am wondering
> > if it is overkill for what I need done.  Would I be better off trying
> > to find some sort of RAD Web Tool instead (anyone have any good
> > suggestions) ?
> I think its safe to say that there are any number of tools that could
> fit the bill here including Zope.  There are aspects of zope that can
> make your life much easier (e.g., zsql methods) but it does take some
> time to get used to it and everything it offers.  Several recent books
> on the subject I think would be very helpful to you in this regard. 
> If you go to, there is some information on using WYSIWYG
> tools such as Dreamweaver with zope that may also be of interest to
> you as well.
> I think zope works bests for you over the long haul where it is
> important to keep things well organized and well structured.  The
> ability to collaborate amongst individuals is also a great strength. 
> If these issues are important to you, then I would say that Zope would
> be an excellent choice.
> Good luck!!!

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