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Tue Jun 25 01:04:45 CEST 2002

Quoth "James T. Dennis" <jadestar at>:
[... re sockaddr_un->path fix ]
|  So, should this be reported to the Python dev list?  If so, how?
|  Can we get it fixed by 2.3?  How would my code work if it was fixed?
|  What would/should be returned for this case?

If Chris Liechti submits it to Sourceforge as he proposed to do,
that should eventually lead to a fix in the distributed version,
assuming everyone concerned agrees with the solution.  I don't
know where they are with 2.3 (heck, I've never even seen 2.2 yet),
but would think this kind of bug fix ought to be acceptable up
through alpha testing.

I can't guess at what your code does in any interesting detail.
Functions that return an address should return something that
will work as an address.  In the UNIX domain, that means a
string representing the file (path).

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