Python GUI

H. Safarzadeh safarzadeh at
Thu Jun 13 00:21:09 EDT 2002

Hi all,
I know that this subject is discussed in many other places, but I don't
think it is harmful to talk about it more!

 I want to what library I should use to make GUI for my Python apps?
 I have examined many of them, but I couldn't find what I need. Here is
the result of some of my examinations:

-Tkinter: A nice simple lib, but really simple! It dosn't have enough
widgets, and I do not like its look in addition!
-wxPython: Really perfect. It has many widgets, and do many works(not
only in GUI). But it is toooo big!(both on disk and in memory). I need a
smaller one.
-pyGTK and pyQt: I do not know enough about them. But I know that I do
not like GTK look on Windows and Qt for Windows has some problems with
its lisence(and it is tooo big, too!)
-Jython/Swing:'s Jython, after all!
-Win32 extensions: It is not portable!!!

Any comments? Other possibilities?


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