Python and Eclipse

Joseph A Knapka jknapka at
Tue Jun 25 01:09:53 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

I am interested in having Python support in
Eclipse <URL:> - interested
enough to contribute code, or to tackle the
task myself, if need be. Of course, I'd like
the Python support to be at least as good as the
Java support, which is a pretty tall order,
'cause the Java support in Eclipse is awfully
damn good --- it nearly allows me to *enjoy*
writing Java code :-)

Anyway, I know some other folks have expressed
interest in this as well, and I'd like to hook
up with them. If you're working on Python+Eclipse
and you've got code in any state of completion,
I'm willing to alpha- or beta-test, fix stuff,
add new stuff, etc.


-- Joe
   "It was me, drove off the offramp / of the
    sweetheart highway..."
    -- Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, "Bummed-Out City"

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