Matthias Baas baas at
Mon Jun 24 16:52:46 EDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:34:57 GMT, edlsoft at (Burt
Leavenworth) wrote:
>Has anyone installed Pyrex on Windows? If so, can you share the

- Download Pyrex and Plex.
- Unpack Pyrex (you can use filzip (, winzip
( or the cygwin tools (
- Unpack Plex 
- Copy the "Plex" directory into the Pyrex directory (the other files
aren't necessary for executing pyrex)

Now you can already call pyrexc, but probably you also want to add the
Pyrex directory to your path and rename "pyrexc" into "".

If you want to use Plex yourself, it'd be better to install it as a
regular module, but if you just want to get pyrex running you can get
away with the above procedure.

- Matthias -

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