Creating Dynamic Web Pages (ZOPE)

Hugh Cowan hwcowan at
Fri Jun 14 16:01:00 EDT 2002


Thanks for the suggestion and sample web-site, I will definetly
check-it out.  Does DreamWaver support ASP then, or rather provide
support?  I mean, I know that you could just add the ASP code mixed in
with the HTML manually, but does it offer any RAD type tools to help
make using ASP easier?

Also, I thought that Dreamweaver was more of just a HTML Editor, while
something like Zope provided extra functionality, tools, wizards,
etc.. to allow you to create Dynamic Web-Sites quicker and easier?  I
am just trying to figure out where to concentrate my search for
software and tools.

I originally looked through the various *Freeware* web-sites for HTML
editors -- but there are so many of them out there (hard to pick one
from the other -- almost makes you want to go back to a plain old text
editor).  While some offer advantages over others, they all seem to
basically assist you in generating the HTML code for web-pages (either
by coding or using a WYSIWYG type interface)?



> At the risk of sounding like a heretic...
> I recently started to use DreamWeaver UltraDev (one of my clients mandated
> its use) and I've been relatively impressed. For a really small
> database-driven web created in DreamWeaver take a look at
> This web has precisely four pages, and I built it to explain to beginners
> how database contents can affect a site's navigation as well as its readable
> content.
> DreamWeaver MX is now out, and targets several more backends. It would be
> nice if it had one that drove some suitable Python framework -- possibly
> WebWare.
> If you are already familiar with ASP, this will get you up to speed on your
> tasks much more quickly than learning Zope. Won't be as much fun, though.
> regards
>  Steve

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