Help for Tkinter and python's programming

Steve Tregidgo smst at
Mon Jun 3 21:18:49 CEST 2002

"Russell E. Owen" <owen at nojunk.invalid> wrote in message news:<adc8kj$1ovk$1 at>...
[snip to code fragment of GC class]
>     def __call__(self, *lastArgs, **kwArgs):
>         if kwArgs:
>             netKWArgs = self.__firstKWArgs.copy()
>             netKWArgs.update(self.__kwArgs)
>         else:
>             netKWArgs = self.__firstKWArgs 
>         return self.__callback (*(self.__firstArgs + lastArgs), 
> **netKWArgs)

I think this code contains a mistake.  'self.__kwArgs' should probably
be simply 'kwArgs' (4th line above).  Convenient class, anyhow!


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