How to represent the infinite ?

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Thu Jun 20 21:47:15 CEST 2002

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> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:02:33 +0200
> erreur wrote:
>> Will somebody have an idea, to represent the infinite one?  I have
>> variables to initialize with is +inf (or - inf).  To be sure that
>> later, all will be smaller (or larger) than my variables. I tried to
>> redefine the operators on an object.  It goes for Inf>10 but I do not
>> arrive for 10>Inf (because that takes > of Int).  --------------------
>> def __gt__(self, val):
>>     return 1
>> --------------------

> Hm, for some reason, my last two posts on this thread didn't seem to go
> through...  one more try (with a couple of little enhancements):

Odd, the newsgroup -> mailing list transfer must be really slow (or down)
today, I pulled up Pan and lo, my posts are there, they just haven't made
it to the mailing list yet (after almost 2 hours).

Or maybe I accidentally killfiled myself  ;)

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