ANN: Gnosis (XML) Utils 1.0.2

David Mertz, Ph.D. mertz at
Wed Jun 5 15:54:44 EDT 2002

This release contains one major bugfix, and one new XML module:

   * Added module gnosis.xml.validity.  This module contains custom
     classes for creating a Python object that is constrained by
     XML validity rules (DTD or Schema).  Taking its inspiration from the
     Haskell module HaXml, a programmer using gnosis.xml.validity can
     guarantee that no operation on an object will result in something
     that would be serialized as invalid XML.  See
     gnosis/doc/xml_matters_20.txt for details.

   * Fixed bug with integer parsing in gnosis.xml.pickle (a single "0"
     was being treated as a failed octal number, rather than as...well,

It may be obtained at:

The current release is always available as:

Try it out, have fun, send feedback!

David Mertz (mertz at
Frank McIngvale (frankm at


BACKGROUND:  Gnosis Utilites contains a number of Python libraries, most
(but not all) related to working with XML.  These include:

    gnosis.xml.pickle       (XML pickling of Python objects)
    gnosis.xml.objectify    (Any XML to "native" Python objects)
    gnosis.xml.validity     (Enforce validity constraints)
    gnosis.xml.indexer      (XPATH indexing of XML documents)
    gnosis.indexer          (Full-text indexing/searching)
    [...].convert.txt2html  (Convert ASCII source files to HTML)
    gnosis.util.dtd2sql     (DTD -> SQL 'CREATE TABLE' statements)
    gnosis.util.sql2dtd     (SQL query -> DTD for query results)
    gnosis.util.xml2sql     (XML -> SQL 'INSERT INTO' statements)
    gnosis.util.combinators (Combinatorial higher-order functions)
    gnosis.util.introspect  (Introspect Python objects)

...and so much more! :-)

<P><A HREF="">
Gnosis_XMLUtil 1.0.2</A>  (6-June-02)

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