Newbie question: is there a python wrapper for a distributed task?

Rex K. Andrew rx.andrew at
Sun Jun 2 05:47:23 CEST 2002

Hi folks,
 So I'm totally new here. I'm considering several scientific/data
crunching projects that need a lot of CPU hours. We have at hand
several linux clusters, but we want to expand (and take over the 

I was looking at FIDA from the Chemistry Dept at UW and the Cosm
library from Mithral. These are ways to "glue" a server process to
the client processes on the nodes. (i.e., all the distributed
computers.) I got to wondering: has anybody used python as
the "glue"? python works on lots of computers now, and an
app can be compiled into it if necessary using SWIG. And the
python community has lots of netware contributions.

I dunno, just a troll, I guess. It seems like it might be a good 

Any pointers, URLs, flames, etc, appreciated. Thanks,
Rex K. Andrew
rx dot andrew at ieee dot org (you know what to do)

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